The tale of Covid-19 has sprung another suspense on we its readers as this new chapter opens with Wales and England planning to release thousands of prisoners as they have tested positive in their hundreds . In a bid to reduce the work load on the jail and NHS the prisoners who will be temporarily released will be given a temporary licence and will go through risk assessment and strict measures which include electronic tagging.

The Ministry of justice concluded that only low risk offenders will be involved, not violent and certainly not sexual offenders . After Eighty-eight prisoners and 15 staff have already tested positive for Covid-19. Three prisoners have died. More effort has been put into clearing out jails as pregnant women who do not pose any high risk to the community have also been released so as to protect mother and child from being infected .

The Home Office has also released more people from immigration detention centers following individual assessments. After releasing 350 detainees over a week ago, more of 736 people detained have been released.

Other countries have applied this measure while some are still skeptical. This measures are though having it’s own bevy of risks are being taken by other continents . But whether Africa can and will implement it if the need arises is a question whose answer the nation would rather wait for.



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