Since the inception of lockdown robbery cases have hiked .Tales of people being waylaid and food , money and other properties being taken from the victim .People have blamed the continuity of the terror on the lockdown

Leadership and communication strategist Dotun ojon in an interview said:
” if you have a country where over 70% of the people are below the poverty line it becomes exceedingly difficult if not practically impossible for them to abide by the rule of the nation “.
so it’s a difficult time its not just an extension and I think is about time for the government to become more strategic in giving out some of these palative out its beyond saying we have a database here in Abuja its should be coordinated .

Citizens have agreed to the  continuity of  lockdown in places with high Covid 19 cases like Lagos and Abuja but on the condition that there should be organized palliatives .

It is not hidden that people are starving and the strong disparity between what the citizens expect and what the government keeps doing has fueled the masses ardent flouting of the lock down orders because they believe the virus is only for those in power. Should the lockdown continue?  is not the real question here rather it is what other steps should the Nigerian government be taking?.

It has been months and yet no solution in form of a vaccine or drug has yet to be created .The WHO, US , China have not broken any grounds with their search but we still wait on them. With Africa’s expertise in tradomedicine and orthodox medication the solution we have been looking for may just be within our walls.



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