With  3.44million confirmed  cases,   249 thousand deaths and counting  the world has been shaken stiff by the pandemic from Europe ,Asia, South America to Australia all continents have had bitter tales to spin about the pandemic except for one whose Icey cold fortress has steered individuals away thereby  keeping the virus at bay though there is no  evidence that an extreme cold outside temperature will have an effect on the virus Antartica remains virus free

Antarctica has a population  of 1,000 to 5,000 depending on season so social distancing would be a walk in the park for you literally no overcrowding.  With temperatures ranging from  −15 to -60°C(-5 to -76°F)  in the winter and from 0°C to -20°C ( -32 to -4°F) in   the summer.  With the climate change still at its peak individuals are blanketed by thick dark skies reducing visibility and stifling means of travelling there. So the best time to travel to Antarctica is during summer where the cold is bearable population would increase but not so much  because the harsh conditions makes travel in and out extremely difficult, reducing the risk that someone could introduce the virus.

Antarctica has few doctors and respiratory equipment’s, with such poor health facilities being hit by the pandemic will be terrible.   Measures are being put in place as stated by Steven Marshall Head of Governance, Risk and Assurance at the British Antarctic Survey spoke about the protocols in place to stop the virus reaching the southern continent.

He said: “If a member of the team that is destined for Antarctica has been to a tier one or tier two infected country they will be placed in two weeks isolation before boarding the ship to the continent. So if you’re looking for a one stop , virus free destination with a cold feel to it this continent might just be the place . So get your bags, family and get ready to quarantine in your very own cold fortress.



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