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The founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, based in Lagos, Nigeria Chris Oyakhilome is accusing the media of lying about the coronavirus pandemic.

The preacher who has recently come under the spotlight for claiming and insisting the introduction of 5G technology is behind the spread coronavirus pandemic, stated during a recent message to his adherents that the media was falsifying images to misrepresent the truth about what is going on.

“Check carefully the pictures that the media shows…they carry photos from Chinaor photos from Italy or photos from Spain and show to the Americans or show to the British, so you are seeing things like this is really happening, and it’s not.”

“What is killing the people? They are not telling them what is killing the people. Two things are killing the people. Number one is where those 5g signals are being tested, are being been turned on, a lot of people died. That’s number one. Number two, where are the people who normally got sick with the flu? Where are they?”

The 56-year-old pastor noted for his televangelism and show of miracles has however come under attack and condemnation from some Nigerians and tech experts who say they are alarmed by the preachers claim.

Nigeria’s minister of communication and digital economy Isa Ali Pantami, has faulted the claims of those questioning and linking the 5G network with COVID-19. Pantami said this during an appearance on Channels Television’s News At 10 on Sunday.

“When it comes to health, we have (the) World Health Organisation and many health bodies. “I just want you to bring out any research which they have conducted and (in which they) made their position about 5G’s relationship with COVID-19. I am yet to see anyone from the World Health Organisation,” Pantami said.

Other popular people who have spoken in support of Oyakhilome’s claim are former aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode, Senator Dino Melaye, Apostle Suleman Johnson.



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