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As a result of the coronavirus  pandemic most industries have taken a backseat . Most of these services or goods have not been regarded as essential since the outbreak of the coronavirus, for instance  fashion, aviation and hospitality.    Not withstanding there are still industries that are breaking  even despite  the pandemic .


Food Industry: The processed foods have seen a rise in demand . Due to movement restrictions people are forced to stay indoors. Consumption of Perishable foods like flour and fruits have increased as people are baking more and eating healthier .You can say the food industry as become the head of the economy as survival is placed over fashion and Skincare .The only problem retail shops are having are the shortage in goods other than that business is good.


Media and Telecommunications: The media has literally become our eyes and ears as individuals have to be informed of happenings in the world. With ample time on our hands people  wane out their boredom through watching movies, learning a new recipe on YouTube or just laughing out loud to a funny skit. Most time is spent on anything with moving pictures . People, companies, government have started to capitalize on this market and are using it more vigorously to get their message out there.

Health Care Industry : The pandemic has brought man to a realization of his fragile nature with his strong need and appreciation for the world’s most important citizens; health workers.   A lot of incentives have been offered to medical staffs to improve their effectiveness at work  around the world .    Being a healthcare worker  has never been better or tougher, the medical industry has been in charge of holding  nations together fighting every day to beat the estimated total deaths and trying hard to make sure more people recover .

These industries are indeed very essential as the world faces a global pandemic, they are necessities which are would aid our survival.



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