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Covid 19 known to have originated from bats . This is a zoonotic strain of virus meaning they can be transmitted from animal to man and this raises a big problem for pet owners and those in the live stock business .   Here are 3 susceptible animals:

Dogs : The team, at Harbin Veterinary Research Institute Research proved that Dogs were less susceptible to the strain after just two out of five dogs who were inoculated SARS-CoV-2 had traces of the strain in their excreta. Dogs can be affected by certain types of corona virus such as canine respiratory virus but not this particular strain of the virus .

Ferrets : These animals are already in use for tests models for vaccines like that for Covid 19 across test labs worldwide . This is because they go through same respiratory diseases as humans and have similar respiratory systems with that of humans and are highly susceptible to infection by the virus. They are the best test subjects .

Cats : These companions may be a cute and cuddly choice for a hug but it would be in any pet owners interest to stay clear from their pets for now . Research led by virologist Bu Zhigao where 5 cats were also inoculated with the virus with all the 5 cats getting infected has proven that cats are very susceptible to the virus and it transmitted via the airborne route. Some of the reported cases includes a case In Belgium and two in Hong Kong. The good news is no result has proven that cats can secrete enough corona virus to infect a human . But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So in keeping yourself and your pets safe it’s best to give one another some space



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